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About Us

Kyds is a local brand that focuses on developing fashionable daily wear for children aged 4-14. Through Kyds, we want to accompany children's activities to stay comfortable and active in doing many activities.


is to help young minds become fearless and can continually grow well with Kyds. This section aims to inspire you to always stay true to yourself and appreciate the things around you.


is made of diverse but like-minded individuals with one vision, that is to accompany your kids on their journey of self-discovery through apparels and daily products. That shared vision is our main driving force towards our goal: For your kids to grow up with Kyds.


Meticulous fit and finish is a must for Kyds and that is why we take the matter of production into our hands. Crafted in house with creative young spirits in mind, here at Kyds we foresee every step from start to finish to make sure everything adheres to our high standards. Let your kids do the best and Kyds will take care of the rest.